ACRS Structure, Governance and Ethos


ACRS is structured around the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065. Confidentiality and impartiality are the two highest priorities of the Guide and require ACRS to have a corporate structure and personnel policies to achieve this.

In terms of organisation structure:

Safeguards, with respect to personnel, include:

ACRS Charter

ACRS Charter ACRS Charter (672 KB)

ACRS Ethos

ACRS ethos has been documented to ensure ACRS' values, working practices and management style are clearly understood by all who work for and with us.
Our values are about openness, transparency, honesty, individual contribution, group decision-making and commitment to continuous improvement. ACRS is characterised by its professionalism and integrity. The following values are the cornerstone of our ethos and our personal behaviour must reflect them:

  1. ACRS is an ethical organisation. Therefore, there is an expectation that the truth will be told.
  2. ACRS strength is the diversity and support of its members and stakeholders.Therefore, important matters will involve appropriate consultation and discussion.
  3. Everyone is expected to contribute to the best of their abilities. Therefore, everyone has a right to be heard in a non threatening environment;

These key values are underpinned by the following:

ACRS Ethos ACRS Ethos (66 KB)