ACRS Scheme Testing

ACRS is regularly requested to assist in verification that the steel used in construction meets the required end-use stipulated by Australian and New Zealand standards after construction has been completed as part of the sign-off requirements.

In most instances, the enquirer has a test certificate supplied, often not in English, or has taken a few random samples and sent those for independent testing either in Australia or New Zealand, or at overseas test laboratories.

Regrettably, ACRS cannot assist with this type of enquiry as our product certification scheme conducts sample testing at the certified mill's manufacturing source on their full adherence to the specific AS/NZS standard. In addition, ACRS also undertakes testing at each certified rebar processing, mesh producing, or welded section fabricating facility to ensure that the finished steel product supplied to the construction site has not been adversely affected during these subsequent processes.

The risks for the certifier signing off steel based upon random test pieces taken from finished product is as follows:

How do you know the steel you are certifying matches the supplied test certificate? The AS/NZS Structural steel standards stipulate the following:

The ACRS certification process is undertaken at the steel mill and our verification process ensures the following:

ACRS is aware of statements in the market where some parties have been claiming that the steel materials being supplied, that have been manufactured to overseas steel standards, are “equivalent” to steels manufactured to AS/NZS standards, when in fact they are not. AS/NZS standards are designed for the specific requirements of the Australian and New Zealand market, and Australian and New Zealand design standards rely on materials meeting at least the minimum requirements of the steel materials standards.