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Exploding the myths - How to avoid getting steel that is not ACRS certified Updated Dec 2020

Verified Steel Conformity from Source to Site - Updated Oct 2020

Why ACRS Rebar Certificates Can Replace Steel Mill Certificates - Updated Oct 2015

Why ACRS Structural Steel Certificates Give Assurance of Compliance - Updated Oct 2015

Why do Structural Steel Hollow Sections Need Third Party Product Certification - Updated Oct 2015

Why Do You Need Third Party Product Certification for Rebar Processors and Reinforcing Mesh Manufacturers - Updated Oct 2015

ACRS Reo Mesh Warning

Why ACRS is the Product Certification You Should Specify

With ACRS You Know You Are Covered.

ACRS A Critical Link in the Chain

Is Your steel certified?

How Do You Make Sure You Have Quality Reo in Your Concrete?

Press Release, November 2003

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