ACRS Quality Management Systems Certification

ACRS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification

Scheme Details

ACRS can now certify your quality management system as well as your construction steel products. ACRS is offering ISO 9001 certification to AS/NZS 9001: 2016 to those clients that hold, or are seeking, ACRS product certification for reinforcing steels, prestressing steels, structural steels and related products. Under the ACRS Product Certification Scheme Rules, clients must operate an effective quality management system that covers the production and provision of the product being certified, but ISO 9001 certification is not mandatory. However, where the the company holds or is applying for ACRS product certification to a Standard that requires ISO 9001 certification, ISO 9001 certification is then mandatory. Clients may choose to have their quality management system certified to AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2016 (or to the identical ISO 9001:2015, or local equivalent) by ACRS or by another recognised certification body. 

Why should you choose ACRS certification for your quality management system certification?

ACRS knows steel production and supply

All ACRS Auditors have been production, technical or quality managers within the steel manufacturing industry and have tertiary qualifications in metallurgy or engineering. They have an intimate understanding of the manufacture and supply of reinforcing, structural and related steel products. ACRS Auditors are also lead auditor qualified and have regular training to ensure their skills are kept to the high levels of competence required by ACRS rigorous certification scheme. This means they relate directly to the production and technical personnel they interact with, and quickly focus on those parts of the supply chain and production process that matter most in terms of managing risks for the company, quality objectives and customer expectations, efficiently and cost-effectively.

ACRS is cost-effective

ACRS is a not for profit organisation, and our fees and charges reflect that we only have to cover our costs of our technically rigorous and thorough audit process. By combining ACRS’s quality management system and product certifications steel suppliers can achieve both certifications at an optimal price.