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The Australian Industry Group report “The quest for a level playing field: the non-conforming products dilemma”, provided compelling evidence on the increasing risks of Non-conforming Products in Building and Construction projects.

To assist industry stakeholders, the new Steel Compliance website is provided as a risk mitigation service to the construction community by ACRS. Contents are as follows:

WHY the need for Steel Compliance

  • The reasons you need to consider obtaining third party certificates of product compliance

WHAT is Steel Compliance

  •  Detail on different types of compliance and certification of construction steel products and other building products

WHO offers Steel Compliance

  • Detail on who provides what in the certification area and comparison of the apples and oranges available

HOW to ensure Steel Compliance

  • Detail on how to specify the right Certificate of Product Compliance, how to check that the products do comply, and how to ensure that project teams are aware of the requirements


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The ACRS website is This provides the technical detail on the ACRS scheme and lists the firms who are certified to comply with Australian and New Zealand construction steel product standards.

The new website is designed to provide information on steel compliance. This is a comprehensive information source on what customers, specifiers, users and certifiers need to know about proving compliance of construction steel products to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

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